Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thought I would share my "Mid-Week-Mix" with you!

I call it "Mid-Week-Mix" because that is just what it is, a mix of Winter and Spring, with Spring just around the corner but Winter still not quite gone!

So with my winter boots I chose a pretty Spring blouse.

One look has a stylish hat for windy days, and the other a cute pony tail for warmer days.


shirt- #88# Black Tafta Shirt

At the time of posting, the Sim for Shirt was off line, but the Creator is, 88Avril, you can get the LM from her profile.

Hair-Truth Carina Streaked Oasis

light blondes pack- (L$250)



Jeans "New" from Luck-Inc- Tyra
Jeans Starlet
wash Dark Blue, comes with 2 cuff options skinny/turned up.

These new Jeans come in dozens of shades and styles (L$200)



Hair Maiteya- Joy111 Blonds Pack (L$295) Hat has a choice of 8 fantastic colour changes



Finally these gorgeous boots are from- Kookie-Armarda Long-Rusty Brown (L$500) and can be worn with or without socks,

These Boots come in 6 gorgeous color options


Friday, March 25, 2011

More Ingenue!

I popped into Ingenue for a look around and was excited to find they were having a sale, so I messaged my friend Justine, she came right over and we had such fun!
My first find was a super cute outfit
Above: Collegiate Miss in Cherry Sundae (L$125) and comes in 4 great color combos.
Hair-Paulette Blonde (L$50)

Left: Natilie in Sky (L$250) and comes in 5 awesome colors
the outfit has a with or without belt option and comes with a cool Brassiere to wear under the lovely sheer blouse
Hair-Myrna Blonde (L$50)

Left: Esther in Coal (L$62)

This awesome Swimsuit comes in 5 gorgeous shades

Hair- Betty Do Blonde (L$50)

Sale on at Ingenue!

My friend and new partner-in-blogging Carol called me excitedly to say that there was a sale on at Ingenue. (Click here to visit it in-world).

We were like kids in a candy store and I needed to be dragged out before I bought the whole place out. Betty Doyle, the designer and owner, is a genius.

I rushed home and took some pictures of some of my favorite finds, and Carol did the same and will post hers soon I'm sure. Get yourself over there ASAP, sale ends March 26.

Send your fave pictures to their group:

Above- Aquarellist Top in Cranberry (L$ 100)
Fatpack with 10 colors L$507
Secretary Skirt in Nautica (L$ 62)
Comes in 10 colors, fatpack is L$ 312
Hair- Myrna in Noir (L$50)

Lucy in Noir (L$ 125)
Comes in 5 wonderful color combos
Hair- Myrna in Noir (L$50)

Stenno in Ruby (L$ 62)
Fat pack with 10 colors, L$ 312
Hair- Myrna in Noir

Myrna in Merlot. (L$ 50)
Ingenue vintage hairstyles are fabulous and come in 15 colors. Fatpack discounts available

Far Left:
Lilium in Crimson (L$ 137)
Comes in too many wonderful colors to count, along with many great combos. Fatpack discounts available

Paquerette in Cherry and Nautica (L$ 137)
Again, Ingenue is worth the trip just to see these beautiful shoes.

Hurry! Sale ends the 26th. Ingenue is one of the best stores in SL if you're a fan of vintage clothing and while Betty's designs are worth full price, do yourself a favor and get there before the sale ends.