Monday, July 11, 2011


"chic" has an array of goodies from top designers, here are just a few,-to visit "Chic" click here

Left: JustB/Faux Suede Short Jacket COAL (L$75)

comes in all layers.
Available from Chic

I matched the Jacket with a cute skirt from Luck-Inc Diigii High Skirt, comes in all layers (L$150)
LM here

Hair is,(Red)Mint -Cool Blondes, 3 fabulous shades (L$350 )
LM here

Left: Gleam Top-BLACK, from (Fishy Strawberry) (L£50)
comes in all layers and is also available in AQUA and GOLD
Available from Chic

Left: Sequins Gradation Skirt Black, from (fishy Strawberry) (L$50)
Comes in all layers, and is also available in AQUA, and GOLD.
Available from Chic

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