Friday, March 30, 2012

"Sexy Chick" Mini Hunt at Virtually Gorgeous!

                            *Virtually Gorgeous* is holding a "Mini Hunt" throughout April.
 The Hunt consists of "6 eggs" hidden  around the store, each egg, contains a free gift, that make up the "Sexy Chick" look!

Don't miss out on the *Virtually Gorgeous* Lingerie, stockings, tattoos, and cute shoulder chick!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strapped Leather!

                               The latest look from Virtually Gorgeous! is "Strapped Leather"
This gorgeous outfit comes with a choice of two tops, a mini top, and a zip bandeau, the chaps also come in two styles, strapped or ustrapped, and all come with the choice of worn, or new leather!
The set also contains a hot leather zip thong,and pasties!

Leather ankle boots, and tattoos also available from Virtually Gorgeous (tattoos-in world store only)

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Viktor/Viktoria Fashion Show- A Lesson in Amazing

Back in the Second Life Day, I used to go to two or three fashion shows a week and would write about them for blogs such as Second Style, SLNN, Sexy Second, and occasionally, when my friend Tenshi didn't mind me on her territory, the Second Life Herald. Real life got in the way and I haven't been very active in SL for a while, so it had been literally years since I'd been to a Second Life fashion show. On a lark, I took my friend Carol to one today, and I was literally blown away by how awesome it was.

We went to the Men's wear fashion week Viktor-Viktoria show. (Here's a slurl).
The premise was amazing- women dressed in men's clothes. The models were asked to keep their make-up to a minimum to add to the androgeny and gender bending angle, and they all looked amazing. The stage was huge and designed in 3d space, so that the audience, who perched on levitating umbrellas, was surrounded by the runway, with the models strutting their stuff all the way around the audience. The show moved briskly and looked stunning.

As you can see the design of the space allowed me to get some great shots, and what colors could be more appropriate for a gender-bending show than black and white and gray? With major stores such as Rfyre, Philo, Mortality, Ladies Who Lunch, JFL Menswear, Chinese Takeout, Faster Pussycat and EMO-tions, along with many many others, providing the clothes, it was a spectacular re-entry into the world of SL Fashion!

The show was designed by the amazing people at Siren Productions!

Virtually Gorgeous Beach Babes!

*VG* Beach Babe Set-cream
*VG* Beach Babe Set-blac
 Look gorgeous at the beach, or pool, this summer, with the new "Beach Babe" sets from  *Virtually Gorgeous*
*VG* Beach Babe Set-blue
"Beach Babe" comes with hot sexy bottoms, a great little jacket, and a choice of two tops, all in delicate lace, and sizzling summer shades

*VG* Beach Babe Set-green
                    "Beach Babe" also comes with it's own, very cute, "Beach Babe" Tattoo!
                                                                  all for (L$ 265)
*VG* Beach Babe Set-pink
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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Party Time at *VG*

*VG* Party Animal Pink
              The latest party wear, from*Virtually Gorgeous* striped top, and mini skirt set
*VG* Party Animal Beige
              The set also comes with a *Party Animal * tattoo and, black sling back heels
*VG* Party Animal Blue
                                              A perfect look for clubbing and having fun!
*VG* Party Animal  Purple
                 There are 6 fun shades to choose from, (including green not shown)
*VG* Party Animal Red
                 Get the whole fantastic look for just (L$300) and get ready to Party!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

*Virtually Gorgeous* Denim Sets!

*VG* Denim Set Pink
 Denim, is always fashionable, and, can be worn to most fun occasions, clubbing, shopping, or just hanging out!
*VG* Denim Set Black
 These *VG* Sets are very versatile, providing you with lots of  super options, for that  special Spring/Summer look!
 The *button -up-vest* is perfect for the more formal occasion, while the *open*, and *single button* vests, give you the fun/sexy look.
*VG* Denim Set Khaki
    Available in 4 Super Shades to suit every mood, and awesome value at just  (L$ 300)
                       All Tattoos and accessories availabe from *Virtually Gorgeous*
*VG* Denim Set White
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eye Fashion at *VG*

*VG* Sun Glasses Blue
                                 " Virtually Gorgeous" Eye Fashion, has arrived!
                    Horn Rimmed for style, and, in scrumptious "New Season Shades"
*VG* Sun Glasses Pink
                             *VG* Glasses are great value!  2 pairs for just (L$250)
                      The second pair are worn on the head, for that "super sexy" look
*VG* Sun Glasses Turquoise
*VG* Glasses Red
                                    Choose from "Sun Glasses" or "Normal Glasses"
                      All are available in 12 gorgeous colours, to compliment any outfit
*VG* Glasses Silver
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Step Into Style With *VG* Boots!

*VG* Classic Black Leather, with resize menu
 *VG* Boots are here! with a stylish stiletto heel, and buckle straps,in an array of fabulous colour- to suit all of your looks, from the classic Black Leather....
*VG*Shining Metalic,with resize menu
                                            to Super Shine Metalics,  in awesome tones
*VG* Pretty Two Tone Pink,with resize menu
       There are gentle two-tones in pretty soft fresh summer colours
*VG* Gentle Tones In Natural,with resize menu
*VG* Boots come in 26 gorgeous colours, and have a resize menu, that can be deleted, once you  achieve your perfit fit.
*VG* Fresh Summer Blue,with resize menu
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

St Patrick's Day Outfit, 2012!

*VG* St Patrick's Day Outfit 2012
                                         Don't forget St Patricks Day March 17th 2012
  Virtually Gorgeous have a fantastic outfit, including shoes, and hat, with on/off particles,  Such a great look, and a great price, at just (L$300)

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Fashion for Life! shop with a cause!

Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
I went along to "Fashion For Life", a shopping event to fight cancer  (March 10-March 20)  so if you have not been yet, make it a "must do".
 Second Life Designers  have made special outfits for the event, and after the event , they will be gone, another reason to get over there, plus all proceeds are going to such a worthy cause.
Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
          I decided to look for something different....something special, and I found it.... at Falln.
          The Toria Dress is awesome, with silver snakes wrapped around the body, and beautiful silks.
Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
            Below is another Falln Outfit, especially made for the the "Fashion For Life" event
Falln, Anna Gown
 Anna Gown is so elegant, I love the bustle, a great outfit for role playing, or just feeling pretty in!
Falln, Anna Gown
About Fashion For Life
Visit FallnAngel Creations at Fashion For Life

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More *VG* Leathers!

*VG* Black Belted Leather Pants and Gold Denim Top
         More from the fantastic "*VG* Leathers Look."...this time with cute denim zip up tops
*VG* Black Belted Leather Pants and Black Denim Top
          The Zip up Tops come in 5 super shades, and can also "Mix-n-Match" for more great looks
*VG* Black Belted Leather Pants and Dark Denim Top
 Boots and Shoes are also Virtually Gorgeous....(coming soon) and should be ready for sale in a few days, in lots of super spring/summer shades!
*VG* Black Belted Leather Pants and Light Denim Top
  You can find *VG* In Second Life, and also on Second Life Marketplace, links below
*VG* Black Belted Leather Pants and Red Denim Top

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Monday, March 12, 2012

*VG* Leathers!

*VG* Black Leather Pants, with Gold Leather Zip Top
                                             Todays latest look from Virtually Gorgeous!
*VG* Black Leather Pants, with Pink Leather Zip Top
                                            Outfit works well with boots, or shoes
*VG* Black Leather Pants, with Purple Leather Zip Top
 Pants and tops look great together, or can "mix-n-match" with any of the super *VG* separates
*VG* Black Leather Pants, with Black Leather Zip Top
                                                            Look hot! in black!

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hint Of A Tint Lace from *VG*

Hint of a tint mint lace top, and high waist jeans
                                           Todays  new look from *Virtually Gorgeous*
 Hint of a tint Indian Lace Tops, teamed up with fantastic high waist, button front jeans
Hint of a tint purple lace top, and high waist jeans
                              This outfit is just perfect for a great Spring/Summer look
Hint of a tint blue lace top, and high waist jeans
                      The Lace Tops are so pretty and can be worn with shorts, or skirt
Hint of a tint pink lace top, and high waist jeans
           High waist jeans are a super cute, with cuffs, that can be modified for the perfect fit
Hint of a tint cream lace top, and high waist jeans
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