Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hot Pants! and Mini Skirts!

                                                     "Today's New Arrivals" at *VG*
Just in at *VG*  cute hot pants and top sets, perfect and sexy, for a hot summer look.
They come in beautiful soft summer pastels, and *VG* have made the hottest little silk mini to wear over them, creating yet another stylish, "mix-n-match"  look for summer!

The hot pants sets, and mini skirts, all come in 7 soft summer shades, and great prices, hot pant sets for just (L$125) and the silk mini at (L$150) and all "mix-n-match" with *VG* accessories.
 check them out today!

Visit *VG* at SecondLife Marketplace
Visit *VG* In World Store

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