Friday, April 22, 2011

Depraved Spring Madness

I had a wonderful time doing the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt,everything is free and there are some awesome pizes, here are just a few!
Starting Point, Razorblade Jacket, Landmark here

Left:HerBerry, Black and White.
Tattoo, Endless Pain Tattoo's

Hair, Clawtooth, Cat Call, (Exquisite Reds Pack) L$275
and, Could I resist, (softest Black) L$50 Fridays

Left: XPlosion Sweet Flower Dress and Lingerie.

Hair Ploom, Blues & Greens, Quinnie (L$200)

Tattoo, Para Design Lucky Stars.
Landmark for Ploom here

Left: Spring Flower, white Bra & Thong.

Hair, Clawtooth,shopping bag, (you say tomato) all colours, Free!
Landmark for Clawtooth here

Left: Iren, Spring Shirt Lilac.

Left: Monroes, Love Leggings & Hello Kitty Te

Bellies, Grey Dot Umbrella.

Bracelet Right, Insanya, Zed is Dead Baby
Bracelate Left, Virtual Insanity Broken Bracelets.

Left:Paperdoll, Spring Madness

Left: PixelDolls, Eugene Jacket Blue.
ODB, Bunny Bits, Ears, Nose & Tail

Left Acid, I'm Hungry (tongue)
Black Bra, XPlosion Lingerie

Left:repulse Lobotomy v2 Face Tattoo
Hysteria, La Lingua (tongue)
Tank Miu Black comes in all layers plus long/short

Left: Repulse Primal Eyes

Erosion Blisters Face Tattoo
Erosion Blisters Piercing Set Black/Silver

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