Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rumor & The Whisper Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt on The Whisper & Rumor Sims should not be missed, so if you have not done it yet, you still have time, items range from L$1 to L$10 and are all easy to find.

The Sims are awesome, and the hunt is great fun!

Above: Has Been- Cherry Outfit, L$5

boots- Republic-Aly boots 3 pack

Left: Has Been PicNic Dess L$5

Shoes- FacTs Sandals

Left: Silenced Half Rounder Shirt

*TuittiFrutti* Easter Flowers Capris

Left: Silence Half Rounder Shirt

EEH-POSIES -My Eggs - Poses and Face Animations

Left: Absolution- Green Undie,
Hat & Bunny Ears/Tail all part of Hunt

Left: [W]Under-Easter Bunny and Bikini

Left: Turquoise Unicorn Eyes-2 Types

Left: Hair-Truth Alison-Colours, with fantastic colours, and with or without Streak options.

Hunt Landmark here

Truth Landmark here

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