Friday, April 8, 2011

Sale at Kyoot

Kyoot is having a fanfastic sale on clothes, all single items are L$50 or less. The sale is on from today 8th Apil until 10th April so don't miss out. I bought just about the whole store, here are some of my favorite bargains

Left: Kyoot-Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket-Grey (L$50) Kyoot Zipper Cords - Grey (L$50) The Jacket comes in 5 shades and the Jeans in 6 shades

Left: Jacket can also be worn with this stylish Corduroy Mini -Grey, but also comes in 2 other shades (L$50)

Left: Kyoot- Infinite Ache Vest- Floral Knit Comes in 6 Shades (L$50) Kyoot-Loathed High Waisted Mini-Wool. Also comes in 6 great shades (L$50)

Left: Kyoot-Foreboding Blouse-Licorice (L$50) Comes in 4 Super Shades, kyoot- High Waisted Micro Pants-Brown (L$50 The Pants also come in anothe 5 cool Shades

Left: Kyoot-Book Worm Top Artiste (L$50) Comes with or Without Under Shirt Options, and is available in other Shades and Styles.

Left: Kyoot Book Worm Top-Nautical (L$50) Also available in other Styles and Shades Kyoot-Nonsensical Pants-Denim? (L$50) Also come in lots of fantastic Textures and Shades. Landmark for Kyoot

Left: Kyoot-The Ground Beneath Her Feet-Go Lightly. This Gorgeous Dress comes in 5 Colours (L$50) Hair-Truth Priscilla- Light Blondes-2 Streaked Champagne. Landmark. for Truth

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