Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Femme, from Twisted & Spoiled

This gorgeous outfit comes complete with boots and jewelry, in all layers, and in a choice of six luscious colours, and all for (L$450)

Above:Femme in Ivory
Landmark for Twisted and Spoiled here

Left: Femmi Mini version

Left: Full Corset, or Corset Top and Panties

Left: Closer look at the gorgeous Jewelry

Left: Closer look at Earrings and Hair

Hair, Truth Mariposa, Blondes (L$250)
Hair comes with or without streak options, and Butterflies with colour menu

Landmark for Truth Hair here

Left: Femme Boots

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dressing Spring!

I stopped by the dressing room today to find Spring had officially arrived, here are a few of the cute outfits I chose
Left: LG Femme Bananas Leggins Yellow and Blue (L$70)
[Magic Look] Les Reveurs Tee (pink) (L$70)
TDR Bangles 4 Versions! (L$25)

R,icelli TDR, Sophia Pumps /#Springset-3 colours, Mustard, Printed and Teal. (L$70).

Left and Below,

*Fishy Strawberry* Beat Collection(L$69)
Landmark for TDR here

These two gorgeous outfits come in all layers!

Hair, Truth, Sabrina, Light Blondes (L$250)

Landmark for Truth Hair here

Left: A & A Fashion Easter Nails (L$70)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Depraved Spring Madness

I had a wonderful time doing the Depraved Spring Madness Hunt,everything is free and there are some awesome pizes, here are just a few!
Starting Point, Razorblade Jacket, Landmark here

Left:HerBerry, Black and White.
Tattoo, Endless Pain Tattoo's

Hair, Clawtooth, Cat Call, (Exquisite Reds Pack) L$275
and, Could I resist, (softest Black) L$50 Fridays

Left: XPlosion Sweet Flower Dress and Lingerie.

Hair Ploom, Blues & Greens, Quinnie (L$200)

Tattoo, Para Design Lucky Stars.
Landmark for Ploom here

Left: Spring Flower, white Bra & Thong.

Hair, Clawtooth,shopping bag, (you say tomato) all colours, Free!
Landmark for Clawtooth here

Left: Iren, Spring Shirt Lilac.

Left: Monroes, Love Leggings & Hello Kitty Te

Bellies, Grey Dot Umbrella.

Bracelet Right, Insanya, Zed is Dead Baby
Bracelate Left, Virtual Insanity Broken Bracelets.

Left:Paperdoll, Spring Madness

Left: PixelDolls, Eugene Jacket Blue.
ODB, Bunny Bits, Ears, Nose & Tail

Left Acid, I'm Hungry (tongue)
Black Bra, XPlosion Lingerie

Left:repulse Lobotomy v2 Face Tattoo
Hysteria, La Lingua (tongue)
Tank Miu Black comes in all layers plus long/short

Left: Repulse Primal Eyes

Erosion Blisters Face Tattoo
Erosion Blisters Piercing Set Black/Silver

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rumor & The Whisper Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Egg Hunt on The Whisper & Rumor Sims should not be missed, so if you have not done it yet, you still have time, items range from L$1 to L$10 and are all easy to find.

The Sims are awesome, and the hunt is great fun!

Above: Has Been- Cherry Outfit, L$5

boots- Republic-Aly boots 3 pack

Left: Has Been PicNic Dess L$5

Shoes- FacTs Sandals

Left: Silenced Half Rounder Shirt

*TuittiFrutti* Easter Flowers Capris

Left: Silence Half Rounder Shirt

EEH-POSIES -My Eggs - Poses and Face Animations

Left: Absolution- Green Undie,
Hat & Bunny Ears/Tail all part of Hunt

Left: [W]Under-Easter Bunny and Bikini

Left: Turquoise Unicorn Eyes-2 Types

Left: Hair-Truth Alison-Colours, with fantastic colours, and with or without Streak options.

Hunt Landmark here

Truth Landmark here

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Dressing Room Birthday

The Dressing Room is celebrating it's first Birthday

so I went along to join in the celebrations and pick up a few Birthday Bargains.

The Dressing Room is an Aladdin's Cave of fantastic fashion, made by fantastic designers, at fantastic pices, and all in one place,the items change often , so you need to keep checking back.

Here are some of my treasures!

left: Petra Mini Dress, part of the Ricelli Spring Special, this super package has lots of items included and all for (L$70)

Hair-Maitraya-Sofie, natural blonde (L$50)

Maitreya has lots of hair reduced right now and well worth a visit!

Left:High Waisted Jeans-Green, and Mattori Poncho-Salmon, both are from the Ricelli Spring Special' all item s come in all layers.

Hair-Lamb Egomaniacal-Honey Blonde (L$300 )

Left: Fishy Strawberry-Aragon Skirt-Lilac, from The Dressing Room,(L$60)
Glasses-Fishy Strawberry-Vamp Glasses (L$40)

Stretched Tank-Sassy Kitty- pink/lilac, also sheer (L$80)

Hair-Maitreya-Jade-Natural Blonde-(L$50) Hat has a great menu of gorgeous colours

Left: LG Femme Capri Jeans-Pearl,Bubblegum and Black all come together in a pack with two versions of each-dotted or plain,(L$65)

Mini Top-Marietta-Salmon-Ricelli Spring Special Mini Top-Larissa-Floral Black-Ricelli Spring Special.

(sms) LacyGold Top (L$40)
Necklaces-Gold&Silver Birthday Special (L$40)

Boots-Coco-Leather&Canvas- Cream , Available from The Dressing Room (L$50)

Shoes-YS&YS- Feelfree Wrap, Birthday Special (L$40)

Hair-Maitreya Amy-Blondes_With hat-Chloe (L$50)

Landmark for The Dressing Room here

Landmarkfor Maitreya here

Sassy Kitty here

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sale at Kyoot

Kyoot is having a fanfastic sale on clothes, all single items are L$50 or less. The sale is on from today 8th Apil until 10th April so don't miss out. I bought just about the whole store, here are some of my favorite bargains

Left: Kyoot-Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket-Grey (L$50) Kyoot Zipper Cords - Grey (L$50) The Jacket comes in 5 shades and the Jeans in 6 shades

Left: Jacket can also be worn with this stylish Corduroy Mini -Grey, but also comes in 2 other shades (L$50)

Left: Kyoot- Infinite Ache Vest- Floral Knit Comes in 6 Shades (L$50) Kyoot-Loathed High Waisted Mini-Wool. Also comes in 6 great shades (L$50)

Left: Kyoot-Foreboding Blouse-Licorice (L$50) Comes in 4 Super Shades, kyoot- High Waisted Micro Pants-Brown (L$50 The Pants also come in anothe 5 cool Shades

Left: Kyoot-Book Worm Top Artiste (L$50) Comes with or Without Under Shirt Options, and is available in other Shades and Styles.

Left: Kyoot Book Worm Top-Nautical (L$50) Also available in other Styles and Shades Kyoot-Nonsensical Pants-Denim? (L$50) Also come in lots of fantastic Textures and Shades. Landmark for Kyoot http://slurl.com/secondlife/silent/86/43/2003/

Left: Kyoot-The Ground Beneath Her Feet-Go Lightly. This Gorgeous Dress comes in 5 Colours (L$50) Hair-Truth Priscilla- Light Blondes-2 Streaked Champagne. Landmark. for Truth http://slurl.com/secondlife/truth%20hair/106/85/25/