Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fashion for Life! shop with a cause!

Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
I went along to "Fashion For Life", a shopping event to fight cancer  (March 10-March 20)  so if you have not been yet, make it a "must do".
 Second Life Designers  have made special outfits for the event, and after the event , they will be gone, another reason to get over there, plus all proceeds are going to such a worthy cause.
Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
          I decided to look for something different....something special, and I found it.... at Falln.
          The Toria Dress is awesome, with silver snakes wrapped around the body, and beautiful silks.
Falln-Toria Dress FFL Exclusive
            Below is another Falln Outfit, especially made for the the "Fashion For Life" event
Falln, Anna Gown
 Anna Gown is so elegant, I love the bustle, a great outfit for role playing, or just feeling pretty in!
Falln, Anna Gown
About Fashion For Life
Visit FallnAngel Creations at Fashion For Life

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