Wednesday, March 21, 2012

*Virtually Gorgeous* Denim Sets!

*VG* Denim Set Pink
 Denim, is always fashionable, and, can be worn to most fun occasions, clubbing, shopping, or just hanging out!
*VG* Denim Set Black
 These *VG* Sets are very versatile, providing you with lots of  super options, for that  special Spring/Summer look!
 The *button -up-vest* is perfect for the more formal occasion, while the *open*, and *single button* vests, give you the fun/sexy look.
*VG* Denim Set Khaki
    Available in 4 Super Shades to suit every mood, and awesome value at just  (L$ 300)
                       All Tattoos and accessories availabe from *Virtually Gorgeous*
*VG* Denim Set White
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