Wednesday, March 7, 2012

*VG* Vintage Lace!

*VG* Vintage Lace Set Blue
I know I said "no dresses for a while"..well, it has been a while, and these gorgeous "Vintage Lace Sets" are just too cute to resist, and not really a "dress"
They just look so Easter-ish, and every girl need a new outfit for Easter!
*VG* Vintage Lace Set Green
The Sets come in 5 super spring colours, and the stylish buttoned bodice looks great with either the shorts, or the skirt.
*VG* Vintage Lace Set Multi
 The "Multi Coloured" set (above) is so beautiful, and is made up of all the fantastic shades rolled into one
*VG* Vintage Lace Set Pink
Shoes are *Virtually Gorgeous*....(coming soon) and a great match for all outfits
*VG* Vintage Lace Set Yellow
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